TL;DR All use is at your own risk. No one can compensate you for your losses.

  1. The Yamato Protocol (hereafter referred to as "this Dapp") was built by a collection of volunteers, primarily an anonymous development team. There is no control or warranty on the part of any specific person, entity, or any other entity by any definition.

  2. All consequences of using this Dapp and related protocols, etc., are the sole responsibility of the user.

  3. This Dapp functions as if it were a natural product, with no developer, user, stakeholder, or any other party having any special right or authority over its operation.

  4. Any glitches, bugs, cracks, exploits, etc. can cause you to lose 100% of your funds. Do not use this Dapp with funds you cannot afford to lose.

  5. This Dapp is under OSS (Open Source Software) license).

  6. This Dapp is not under the protection of any jurisdiction or country.

  7. Any upgrade or modification of this Dapp is subject to token voting governance by the Yamato DAO Token (YMT). All ideas and code suggestions are always welcome as OSS.

  8. Extended protocols that interact with this Dapp are outside the scope of the token voting governance in section 7 and are free to be developed (e.g., CJPY adoption, Dapp extended by wrapping the contract, etc.).

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