Boost: Health Rate & veYMT

Yamato offers two type of boosts.

The veYMT boost multiplier will be implemented in v1.5.

The health rate boost multiplier will be applied from v1 launch, with retroactive YMT allocation (one year of linear vesting) at v1.5 launch.

Each boost multiplier can be up to 2.5x, for a total boost of max 6.25x.

veYMT boost multiplier

Following formula is used to calcurate score then veYMT boost multiplier is assigned per table.

score=USERveYMTTOTALveYMT/USERCJPYmintedTOTALCJPYminted2.5\rm{ score = \frac{USERveYMT}{TOTALveYMT} / \frac{USERCJPYminted}{TOTALCJPYminted} * 2.5 }
veYMTboostmultiplier={2.5(score>2.5)score(1score2.5)1(score<1) veYMTboostmultiplier = \left\{ \begin{array}{ll} 2.5 & (\mathrm{score} \gt 2.5) \\ \mathrm{score} & (1 \leq \mathrm{score} \leq 2.5) \\ 1 & (\mathrm{score} \lt 1) \\ \end{array} \right .

Health Rate boost multiplier

The boost is applied by keeping the Yamato Pledge health rate high.

The relationship between the health rate and the multiplier is shown in the table below.

Health Rate(%)multiplier

Less than 130










Total boost multiplier

veYMT boost multiplier(1~2.5)* Health Rate boost multiplier(0~2.5)  → 0 , 1~6.25

User Debt amount x Total boost multiplier → Distribution score → Accrued per block

User distribution score / Total distribution score → User reward share

User reward share × YMT reward per block → User reward

YMT reward per block = User Reward Distribution Ratio (by CJPY, CUSD, CEUR, etc.) * Annual Reward Distribution Speed / Number of Blocks per Year (2,628,000 blocks)

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